Make hiring top staff enjoyable, with these five easy tips

The healthcare job market is an increasingly competitive space – for practices as much as the candidates seeking to work in them. Hiring and keeping good people has become a sales and marketing exercise similar to promoting your practice’s services to prospective patients. This is how you find the right staff to build the best […]

Why managing psychosocial hazards are vital for your practice

Due to changing circumstances in recent years, many practices may have experienced a range of psychosocial hazards and, as a manager, staying on top of them can be challenging. In this informative 30-minute webinar Why managing psychosocial hazards is vital for your practice, we will discuss the hazards practices face and provide tips and strategies to conquer […]

Practical steps to support your team’s mental health

In the Practical steps to support your team’s mental health webinar, our practice management experts share strategies to enhance individual mental wellness that have practice-wide benefits. Topics include:  About the experts Kay GallaryAssociate, My Practice Services Kay has over 30 years’ experience in the health and medical profession. Her career path to date has involved building solid leadership […]

These essential steps will help you support your team’s mental health.

Maintaining mental wellness in healthcare workplaces is increasingly important these days, with strained resources, overworked staff and having to manage concerned or difficult patients. As a practice manager or business owner, looking after your team’s mental health is part of your duties under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (“the Act”). The Act requires that a […]

Patient complaints are stressful. Here’s how to handle them effectively.

Patient complaints can be stressful for your entire practice team, from clinical to administrative staff. But when you reframe complaints as a learning opportunity, you can better address and resolve them in a way that satisfies the patient (reducing the risk of legal or regulatory action), while supporting your team and improving your healthcare delivery […]

Establishing an understanding of the operating costs of a medical practice can be difficult

An absolute requirement of useful business plans for medical practices is a detailed understanding of the expenses involved in operating that medical practice and how the costs: The major expenses in medical practice include real estate, staff, training, utilities, software, accreditation and insurances. All of these costs increase overtime and this inevitable change should be […]

Choosing your medical practice software

We know that one of the single biggest challenges in establishing your medical practice is deciding on what Medical Practice Software to choose. This decision can make or break a practice. Speak to colleagues and get independent advice Software vendors will spruik their product’s highlights, but getting information on comparative features can be difficult. The […]

8 essential staff training modules for better practice management

Regular staff training is a crucial part of running a safe healthcare practice – for your team and your patients. External training can be time-consuming and expensive, but with an online practice management platform like PracticeHub, you can assign and monitor staff learning on-site for greater efficiency. Eight learning modules to upskill your staff and keep […]

Balancing act: Setting key performance indicators for practice success

Creating a successful healthcare practice can be a balancing act – between looking at the big picture of your business vision and direction, the planning and strategy to get you there, then tracking and measuring the steps you and your team take towards your goals. This is where key performance indicators (KPIs) come in. KPIs are the […]