PracticeHub Platform

PracticeHub Platform

Trusted by 1000+ healthcare and community organisations in Australia.

Managing your healthcare business is now easier than ever with PracticeHub, your cloud-based platform that streamlines your healthcare business’ policies, procedures and documentation all in one place, that you can assess anytime, anywhere. Book a demo today to explore the platform and learn how you can save time and cost in running an efficient healthcare business, whilst minimising your exposure to operational risk.

Risk management

PracticeHub helps business owners or managers to run and grow your healthcare business with peace of mind. It is a secure cloud-based platform that streamlines and safeguards your policies, procedures and documentation all in one place. It facilitates risk management for healthcare businesses, empowering them to focus on quality patient care. 

Stay informed with instant alerts and updates on your dashboard and via emails regarding Ahpra alerts, equipment maintenance, or any changes related to your business operation. This proactive approach supports and promotes quality improvement initiatives. 

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Management support

In a highly regulated healthcare industry, PracticeHub helps to reduce the time-consuming responsibility inherent in governance processes, by storing agendas, minutes, compliance registers, policies and procedures all in one place to assist businesses in increasing their efficiency to save significant time.  

Use the search function in PracticeHub to easily locate and retrieve information such as policies, documents and registers. PracticeHub allows you to store and keep track of equipment and business registers, contracts and insurance documents in one secured platform. 

Human Resources Management

PracticeHub allow business managers to streamline compliance, training and monitoring of Ahpra registration status.  Let us help you to save time and cost by streamlining your staff training and induction with PracticeHub’s training modules to ensure all staff are informed and knowledgeable about your healthcare business operations. 


Save time when it comes to accreditation with access to our extensive up-to-date library of policy and procedures that can be easily customised for your healthcare business. Digital audit trails are automatically created to demonstrate the continuous learning of your team and share evidence of compliance such as operating policies, equipment maintenance records, staff training and development records with your accrediting agency. 

Case Study: Ochre Health - PracticeHub

Scenarios in this publication are based on Avant claims experience to date. Certain information has been de-identified to preserve privacy and confidentiality.

Key Features

Avoid the run around and reduce risk with our automated Ahpra Alerts to make managing Ahpra registrations a breeze.
Get a 360 view and easily see what you are spending and saving when purchasing Team Medical supplies via PracticeHub!
Reduce your operational risk by centralising and managing your practice policies, procedures, and related documentation with PracticeHub today.

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Overcome the complexities and administrative burden of billing, and boost income with end-to-end billing support. We manage your invoices, insurance claims and follow ups to ensure fast and accurate payment. So you’re free to focus on patient care and enjoy the highest possible return.
We understand that Bookkeeping and Payroll has become complex and labour intensive – taking time away from your Practice Manager managing staff and working on your business. Our full suite offering includes services like bank reconciliations, customer and supplier invoice management and filing, reporting on balance sheets, profit and loss, payroll, accounts receivable and more.
Get a 360 view and easily see what you are spending and saving when purchasing Team Medical supplies via PracticeHub!
Grow a resilient business with support from medical practice management experts. We provide guidance to help you overcome your business challenges, capitalise on new opportunities and take your practice to the next level.
Boost productivity and enhance the patient experience with our highly trained team taking your calls and managing administration tasks remotely. We relieve the administrative burden and provide consistent support for your team and your patients.
Dictate anytime, anywhere and get accurate, on-time transcripts you can trust. Record via our secure and data protected Smartphone App and get rapidly returned transcripts for your approval. We’ll file them safely in medical notes and deliver correspondence where required.

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