Bookkeeping & Payroll

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Bookkeeping & Payroll expertise made easy

We understand that Bookkeeping and Payroll has become complex and labour intensive – taking time away from your Practice Manager managing staff and working on your business. Our team is dedicated to providing professional bookkeeping and payroll services to help simplify managing the financial health of your medical practice. Our full suite offering includes services like bank reconciliations, customer and supplier invoice management and filing, reporting on balance sheets, profit and loss, payroll, accounts receivable and more.

Make better business decisions

Quickly access your most up-to-date financial records and business information with our reporting services.

Scalable and easy set-up

We help manage the financial complexities of your practice with an adaptable service that can start small and grow with your business needs.

Create a positive employee experience

Pay staff with confidence and improve business outcomes with our specialised service to pay your employees quickly and accurately.

Reduce payroll processing time

Centralise your bookkeeping and payroll processes to help streamline business operations and manage all financial records in one place.

Save time and reduce administrative overhead costs

Our end-to-end solution helps you save time and reduces the need for in-house bookkeeping and payroll training.

Peace of mind with built-in compliance

From streamlining and verifying your payroll data, providing support to your staff, interpreting Awards, reporting and much more – we help to reduce errors and ensure compliance with legislation.


Delivering a critical business function inhouse, like payroll, can be challenging. There is no room for error. Employees must be paid correctly and on time, and the company must remain compliant. The many tasks required to ensure accuracy can create a very time-consuming process and create unnecessary strain on in-house teams. Our team of skilled professionals can help lower compliance risks, with a faster turn-around time.

For a full list of our Bookkeeping and Payroll services please see below:


  1. Entering and/or verifying the entry of customer and supplier invoices into accounting software, which can include supplying a weekly ABA file of current due bills to be paid.
  2. Entering and/or verifying the entry of payments and receipts from bank (also refer to our recommendation for Surgical Partners integration).
  3. Emailing / communicating for any queries related to the accounts for the relevant period.
  4. Ensuring the correct integration of different business systems into the accounting record (for example point-of-sales systems or medical practice software add-on solutions).
  5. Reconciliation and/or verification of all bank, loan, and credit card accounts.
  6. Reporting balance sheet, profit and loss, and other reports as required.
  7. Reporting outstanding debtors and creditors (if applicable).
  8. Setup employees in payroll system (as required).
  9. Provide support to owners/staff onsite who may be delegated for lodgement of BAS, PAYG & State Payroll tax obligation payments.


Payroll services:

  1. Payroll on a fortnightly basis, lodgement of STP and
  2. Monthly payroll reports provided.
  3. Superannuation prepared quarterly for lodgement (or monthly if that is your preference) and authorisation sent to Business owner for lodgement and payment.
  4. End of financial year finalisation payroll services for your staff’s Income Statements to be directed to their MyGov.

We need to know the size of your practice and can then provide an estimate of how many hours per fortnight billing period would be required to best assist you. This estimate is based upon the expected volume of bank feed data, invoice/bill payment, and doctor disbursements required, and can vary once a thorough view of your accounting software and current payroll services is undertaken.

We are experienced with many medical practice software systems, including Genie, Best Practice, Medical Director, Xestro, Clinic to Cloud, Gentu and many more. Our bookkeeping team operate in Xero and MYOB, with specialised training in both payroll systems. We routinely use Surgical Partners for auto-reconciliation and doctor payments. For larger practices our preferred platform is Tanda, which supports time clock, rostering and payroll budgeting functionality.

Overcome the complexities and administrative burden of billing, and boost income with end-to-end billing support. We manage your invoices, insurance claims and follow ups to ensure fast and accurate payment. So you’re free to focus on patient care and enjoy the highest possible return.
Transform your healthcare business with a software platform that makes managing administrative complexity, simple. Track the administrative health of your business and improve team collaboration with a centralised dashboard for all your important information. So, you can focus on what matters the most – patient care.
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Grow a resilient business with support from medical practice management experts. We provide guidance to help you overcome your business challenges, capitalise on new opportunities and take your practice to the next level.
Boost productivity and enhance the patient experience with our highly trained team taking your calls and managing administration tasks remotely. We relieve the administrative burden and provide consistent support for your team and your patients.
Dictate anytime, anywhere and get accurate, on-time transcripts you can trust. Record via our secure and data protected Smartphone App and get rapidly returned transcripts for your approval. We’ll file them safely in medical notes and deliver correspondence where required.

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