How the Strengthening Medicare GP Grant funding can be used to set your practice for success

Set up your practice for success with the Strengthening GP Grant.

Eligible general practices and ACCHOs can apply for a grant through their Primary Health Network or National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) until 15 June 2023.  

Under the Government’s new ‘Strengthening Medicare – General Practice Grant Program’, three one-off grants of $25,000, $35,000 or $50,000 are available based on practice size and accreditation status. Grants are to be used for expanding patient access and supporting safe and accessible quality primary care. 

The program provides an opportunity for practice owners to invest in upgrading their practice management software, boost efficiency, reduce administrative burden, and ultimately improve business optimisation. 

PracticeHub is here to support you 

By using the grant to invest in PracticeHub, practice owners can take advantage of a comprehensive practice management software solution designed to streamline administrative processes and ultimately support safe, quality patient care. 

Here are some ways that practice owners can use the grant with PracticeHub: 

1. Upgrade to a digital solution to streamline your practice  

PracticeHub is designed specifically for practice managers navigating the challenges of running a modern-day healthcare organisation. Our all-in-one platform is built to securely store your data in one central hub, accessible anytime, anywhere.  

As a practice manager, you can save time by creating streamlined processes and embed patient safety and quality into your practice systems – helping to minimise risk and reduce costs to your practice. The grant can help practices cover the costs of upgrading to a cloud-based system, making it easier to take advantage of these benefits. 

2. Receive accreditation support and customisable templates to accelerate the accreditation process 

PracticeHub’s accreditation assessment framework for general practice provides a critical review of your documentation against the 130 assessment criteria in the RACGP Standards for General Practice. Our Premium package provides a gap analysis report and detailed next steps on how to meet the accreditation standards. 

3. Access training and support 

Our comprehensive training modules are designed to ensure staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to provide optimal patient care. A variety of role-specific training plans that are cross referenced with relevant policies and procedures will help you build a confident team that’s highly skilled and ready to provide a consistently positive patient experience.   

4. Improve patient care 

It’s no secret that with the right digital solution in place, practice owners can boost operational performance creating opportunities to deliver exceptional patient care. But this involves more than just applying technologies. To foster ongoing quality, safe patient care, it’s imperative for practice owners to proactively adopt the right technology in all aspects of managing their healthcare organisation.  

If you are a practice owner or manager planning to receive the General Practice Grant funding, PracticeHub may be the right solution to improve your practice’s efficiency, and most importantly, drive quality patient care. 

For more information on how the Grant can be used please visit this page.

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