Tips for preparing for accreditation and beyond

In the lead up to accreditation, adopt a whole team approach to prepare, including the doctors. Always remember, accreditation is a process not an event! Use PracticeHub to simplify the accreditation process Self-assessment Surveyor login On the day – Maintenance records – Meeting agenda and minutes – Doctors’ documentation – Immunisation status – Training – […]

How to use your practice data to improve your processes and patient experience

Running a healthcare practice is a continual quality improvement journey. Your practice’s data can streamline this process, giving you insights to help you measure and enhance business performance, your daily running processes and ultimately, your patients’ satisfaction and outcomes. Staying across your practice data helps you keep doing what works and change what doesn’t. If […]

5 ways to improve how you manage difficult patient situations

From time to time in your practice, you may encounter a ‘difficult’ patient, someone angry, stressed, demanding or dissatisfied with a service or treatment. Often, unhappy patients just want to be heard and acknowledged. Some patients, however, may become confrontational to the point of being aggressive or violent. It’s important to keep yourself, your team […]

Seeking NSQHS accreditation? Learn the top 5 areas you need to meet

Accreditation can be a daunting and complex experience, especially when it comes to understanding which set of standards apply to your medical practice. For specialist medical practices, your practice processes are assessed against the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. These standards have similar aims to the RACGP Standards; both focus on protecting […]

How to recruit and retain the best staff for your practice: five top tips

As healthcare practices continue to face daily challenges, they’re relying on the strength and connection of their teams as never before. Particularly in the ‘interesting times’ we’re all living through – how do you recruit and retain talented staff for your team? What sort of tools and supports can help you strengthen your team?   […]

How to choose the right healthcare technology solution for your practice

Healthcare technology innovations have accelerated in recent years, and so has the rate at which medical practices are adopting digital solutions to improve efficiencies and patient care. The pandemic, of course, has forced more practices to move from in-person healthcare delivery to digital patient management and telehealth services. In fact, 68% of medical practices report […]

Want to ace accreditation? Follow these top 3 tips

Many medical practices dread preparing for accreditation and undergoing assessment day, every three years. We asked practice manager, Carmel Brown, for her top tips to help you prepare with ease and stay calm on the day. But when you think of accreditation as being about improving the quality of your patient care, it becomes more meaningful. […]

Successful medical practices get these 6 things right – does yours?

Many factors determine the success of a medical practice. And while a healthcare business is subject to more regulatory constraints and obligations than a non-medical service-based business, there are common elements that can determine the degree of your business success. Here we will look at six essential factors for a more successful medical practice.   […]

Are you across these essential strategies for effective practice management?

Underpinning every successful healthcare practice and its processes is a robust, well-thought-out strategy. But in your role as a practice manager, how often do you get the time away from the business operations to focus on the strategy? The difference between operational and strategic management Strategic management looks at the big picture; planning the direction […]

How to plan and assess financial performance in your practice

While there are many contributors to the success of a medical practice, financial performance is a critical one. Here we will look at ways to plan and track your financial performance for greater business success Owning a medical practice is a common goal for doctors, and there are many benefits to starting your own healthcare […]

6 essential steps to starting your own medical clinic

Starting your own medical practice is an exciting prospect and one that requires careful planning and preparation to make it rewarding, successful and sustainable. Whether you want to set up a general practice or a specialist private practice, there are many things to do before you open your doors. Let’s look at six essential steps […]

Preparing for accreditation can be easy. Here’s how

Accreditation time can be stressful for practice teams. But it need not be. If you set up processes with the future in mind, you will create a better-quality medical practice, while increasing the likelihood you achieve accreditation. It’s worth remembering why the RACGP developed its Standards for general practices: to protect “patients from harm by […]

Know your employment obligations, for a safer healthcare practice

If you’re a doctor-owner of a medical practice that you run through a company structure, you have personal obligations as its director to ensure it complies with employment and work health and safety legislation. Here, we look at your most important employment obligations and legal liabilities as director of your practice. Employee terms and conditions […]

How solid policies and procedures set up your practice for success

The safety, sustainability and success of your healthcare practice depend on the quality of your policies and procedures. The importance of this document can’t be overstated. It’s the guidebook for achieving your business goals that informs the day-to-day running of your business, defines staff roles (and provides a way to measure their performance), sets your […]

Good corporate governance: everyone has a role to play in your healthcare practice

Corporate governance is not just the concern of healthcare practice owners and directors. All staff in the organisation need to understand their role in its governance, to play their part in creating a safer, compliant and successful practice. What is corporate governance? It’s a system by which businesses are controlled and includes all the influences […]

Best practice HR management: creating a successful team and meeting compliance obligations

Human resources (HR) management focuses not only on finding and employing new talent, but retaining and managing them, while adhering to your legislative and ethical compliance obligations. It’s a vital part of any organisation and, done properly, it also guides employees to their best performance and increases morale by improving relationships between employees and employers […]

How do you get better staff performance? Take them on a journey

Every journey starts with deciding where you want to go. As a practice owner, thinking of your business goals as a quest is helpful to identify your practice vision. This idea of a quest, a shared purpose, helps you set wholistic, achievable goals with your practice manager, so they and your team can realise that […]

You’ve had to shut down your practice – what now?

The  COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of preparing for unexpected risks and problems – including a sudden practice shutdown. Having a business continuity plan in place means your practice can weather unpredictable events such as a shutdown, so you and your team know how to respond. Here, we look at strategies to help you prepare, […]

How are you going? Tips for improving wellbeing for practice teams

What does wellbeing look like? We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you it’s important to pay attention to wellbeing in practice. Especially in practice workplaces. Especially now. But what do we mean actually mean by wellbeing? How can we promote it in a stressful practice environment? Wellbeing can be a difficult concept to […]

7 steps to improve your post-pandemic risk management.

Risk is inherent in everything we do in our practices. While we’ll never eliminate all risk, we can minimise it with effective strategies that inform our practice policies and procedures. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, brings more risk potential and as we learn to live with the virus, healthcare practices need to be even more […]

Top 3 healthcare trends for a safer practice and better patient outcomes

Healthcare trends

Three major trends that make practice management and healthcare delivery simpler, safer and more efficient. Automation technology assists health practices to reduce pressures, lower costs and improve efficiency, leading to better patient outcomes. The COVID-19 pandemic has given us a glimpse into the future of how healthcare systems might struggle to cope with growing demands. […]

Running a dental practice is complex. Here’s how to simplify it

Running dental practice

Could your dental practice benefit from improved systems and processes? Streamlined daily operations are essential for greater efficiency, a harmonious working environment, and reduced errors and risk. One way to simplify your systems and processes is to use a centralised online platform such as PracticeHub. You can customise and set up your practice management procedures, […]

New ways of practice management

New ways of practice management

Many practice managers have embraced a ‘new normal’ which required them to navigate a minefield of workplace and staffing issues, such as managing vulnerable workers, responding to COVID-19 diagnoses and managing staff working from home. Major disruption that shakes up an industry is usually associated with new technology or business models, like smartphones or Netflix. […]

How solid policies and procedures set up your practice for success

Policies and procedure

The safety, sustainability and success of your healthcare practice depend on the quality of your policies and procedures (P&P). The importance of this document can’t be overstated. It’s the guidebook for achieving your business goals that informs the day-to-day running of your business, defines staff roles (and provides a way to measure their performance), sets […]