Pharmacy Practice Management

Pharmacy Practice Management

Learn how your pharmacy can overcome the impact of 60-day dispensing

The recent introduction of the 60-day dispensing is likely to add financial pressures on pharmacies already facing pressures from increasing staff remuneration costs, pharmacist shortages and rising stock prices.

We’ve created a quick checklist to help guide pharmacies to adapt to the new 60-day dispensing.

Unlock your pharmacy’s potential with PracticeHub

Use PracticeHub to jumpstart your pharmacy’s quality management journey. In collaboration with pharmacy management experts, the library of customisable policies, procedures and registers have been created to align with the ‘Five Domains of Quality’ outlined in the QCPP’s Quality Care 2020 accreditation framework for pharmacies. PracticeHub helps your pharmacy streamline the preparation for assessments and accreditation, by making it easy to demonstrate the ongoing focus on quality throughout all areas of your business.

PracticeHub Core

Gain efficiencies and simplify operational processes with centralised control of policies and procedures, along with a digital audit trail helps to reduce risk and free up time to focus on quality patient care.

Ahpra Alerts

Ahpra alerts can be automatically viewed on the PracticeHub platform. Reduce risk by keeping up to date with the registration status, conditions or changes in registration for healthcare professionals in your pharmacy.

Efficient pharmacy management

With PracticeHub, it’s easy to centralise processes, policies and procedures, empowering staff with the knowledge needed to bring quality standards to life in your pharmacy.

Equipment registers

Track the maintenance, calibration and essential information of equipment with the added benefit of alerts for time-sensitive maintenance.

Task management

Enable the creation and assignment of tasks to specific staff which can be tracked with alerts prompting when items are overdue.

Centrally stored

Centrally storing key registers securely in the cloud, on Australian-based servers, ensures data remains accessible in the event of a disaster.