Practice Management Consulting

Grow a thriving medical practice with support from the experts in practice management. From high-level strategic planning, in-depth performance measurement and financial analysis to HR management support, we help you minimise risk and maximise business opportunities. We free up your time so you can focus on providing the best possible care.

Virtual Administration & Reception

Improve practice efficiency and ensure your patient experience is a positive one with our dedicated offsite team managing your calls and administration tasks remotely. Our personable, prompt and professional staff increase your reception capabilities, supporting you, your staff and patients when and where you need it.

VoiceBox Intelligent Transcription

Dictate anytime, anywhere and get accurate, on-time transcripts you can trust. Our fully secure and data protected VoiceBox Intelligent Transcription Smartphone App is designed to record and rapidly format transcripts for your approval, file them safely in medical notes and deliver correspondence with ease.

PracticeHub Platform

Transform your healthcare business with a software platform that makes managing the complex, simple. Stay on top of your day-to-day and improve team collaboration with a centralised dashboard for all your important information. So, you can focus on what matters the most – patient care.

Medical & Surgical Billing

Overcome the complexities and administrative burden of medical and surgical billing, and boost income with end-to-end billing support. Our Smartphone Billings App and expert Billings team provide convenience and certainty, managing your invoices, insurance claims and follow ups for fast and accurate payment. So, you can enjoy the highest possible return for your services and […]

Virtual Administration

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